“If money go before, all ways do lie open.”

   WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, 16th century


“The distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however persistent.”                ALBERT EINSTEIN, 1955





       Adolf Mengele was a scientist. Though he hated the Jewish people, he had, nevertheless, studied the works of one of the most famous Jews ever to live, Albert Einstein.

     He realized from Einstein’s equation that if a person could travel at the speed of light  (186,000 miles per second) time would stand still. Upon learning this he realized if he could go faster than the speed of light he might be able to travel back in time. He also knew that at the speed of light he would be transformed into pure energy making the trip impossible. But years of research into his time


machine innovations had paid off in success. That is, for what would become his dastardly scheme.

     He had developed an anti-matter compression chamber that would hold a smaller ship within a larger one with him inside which he believed would shield him from the transfer into pure energy. It would accelerate him fast enough to surpass both the time and zero length barrier, which occur at the speed of light. And thereby transport him backward into time, to a desired, predetermined era.

     All was ready!

     The Nazi underground gold reserves had been used to purchase the most sophisticated instruments needed to secure the state of the art nuclear propelled rocket systems and fusion fuel, which had been developed by NASA in the year 2008.

     The deranged son of Joseph Mengele began loading the ship with enough non-perishable food for a 6-month journey. He had calculated such a journey would be needed to successfully travel back to the year 1939, via making a trip out past the Van Allen belt to the Milky Way through a sling shot projection back around the sun on his return to earth.

     He loaded his ship with freeze dried items, personal belongings, sterile drinking water and a 1939 Nazi uniform of his fathers which fit him, to his amazement. He also took many newspaper articles containing stories of the 1945 Nazi defeat, Hitler’s suicide and secret burial of his charred remains at Magdeburg by Russian Smirsh (CMEPW)* agents.


     These stories were included on the videotaped television specials, “What Really Happened to Adolf Hitler,” (ABC, 1994) And “Russia’s War,” (PBS, 1997), which told the story of his exhumation (for the fourth time) in 1970 by order of the KGB when his and Eva Brown’s bones were ordered crushed by Russian officials and scattered over East German marshlands*.

     However, most importantly, Mengele had detailed articles of the A-bombs dropping on Japan. He also had detailed plans of the H-bomb and portions of weapons grade plutonium which had been smuggled out of Russia when the cold war was seemingly at an end in the late 1990’s. He loaded lithium 6 and uranium 235—enough to make six bombs—a few pounds each, which he had carefully encased in lead shielding for safety.

     All of this extraordinarily astronomically expensive material was bought from the gold stash his father’s map had led him to in France, in an underground cave, which had been long covered over with trash near a forest in the city of Salon, where the house of Nostradamus still stands. There about in those quiet, yet unsuspecting, surroundings lie the entrance to the cave which held the largest gold reserve known to date.

     Mengele dug a hole, exactly where the spot marked ‘X’ was on the map. He had rented a small bobcat-style bulldozer for the job. He broke through after digging only ten feet. He could see stairs. Mengele proceeded. Carrying a flashlight, he carefully followed the stone cut stairs to their end.

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  One hundred feet below ground level he saw walls of gold bricks higher than his head. On the bricks were carved swastikas and in the middle of the cave, lined on both sides with these bricks, were sacks of gold bullion—four feet high.



Mengele and his newly discovered gold stash.


     Mengele walked deeper and deeper into the cave, which resembled a tunnel that appeared to be approximately twelve feet high and thirty feet wide. The tunnel—cave, seemed as if it would go on forever. It was over a mile in length and when Mengele finally reached its end he was in a state
of shock and totally dumbfounded.

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There he discovered an eight by ninety-foot pile .....Four more pages in this chapter